USAMS: Multi-functional Cable

USAMS: 4-in-1 iPhone Charger, Holder, Data Cable & Digital Stylus
The most versatile multi-functional cable for a more efficient use of your iPhone. 

Mobile smartphones have become a necessity to everyday living. We rely on it to make phone calls to taking photos or videos. It is a compact device that add convenience to how we live our lifestyles. Every year there are new advances towards smartphone technology to incorporate more functions. The USAMS:4-in-1 iPhone Charger, Holder, Data Cable and Digital Stylus is the perfect companion for your iPhone. It combines useful tools and features into one device to make your iPhone more functional. It allows you to reinvent your iPhone without an expensive upgrade. Have a smartly designed multifunctional 4-in-1 iPhone cable that lets you do more with your phone as easily and comfortably as you want to.

4 Functions in 1 Cable! 

The shell of the cable is made from aluminum alloy to protects the cable’s inner structure, and the scrubbing design is oxidation-resistant, stable and endurable. This will keep the cable functional for the long life you need it to have. Because of the reinforced shell, it can be used as a phone stand once bended. Another benefit of USAMS is the digital stylus, allowing you to expand your creativity. Make detailed notes or create designs conveniently.

Enable fast charging for your iPhone and save time. USAMS cable supports a 2A current with an improved charging efficiency of 30%, when compared with other cables on the market. It is also adapted to have speed transferring. Get your important files to a device as soon as possible. Make sure to collect your BackerCity member exclusive!

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