3D Wooden City Map

3D Wooden City Map to Create a Lasting Memory
Wooden Map of your favourite city to create a lasting memory. Create your own custom map!

Have you traveled to a city and fell in love with it? Rather it is your hometown or favorite destination, the 3D Wooden City Map can transform it to a 3D map. Create lasting memories by customizing your own favorite part of the world. Flawlessly and intricately cut, it captures every road, street, river, lake and highway travelling into the main core of the city. Use the 3D Wooden City Map to capture a city into your living space by hanging the design that you have selected onto a wall. It comes in different sizes to fit all occasions, hang it in portrait or landscape mode to transform your living areas. 

Collect moments, not things. Every city has its own unique design and is often displayed in 2D. This limitation on the architectural design of cities clouds the natural beauty of places you have been to. There are different ways to customize your wooden map. Select a city that you enjoy and add details to transform its design. Since the map is 16mm, it has room to make your map 3D. Add water or parks to your map to create blue and green spaces that will make the wooden map truly unique. 

The Wooden City Map is created from city data that is transferred into the computer. All details such as roads, rivers, lakes, buildings and even parks are converted into layers to create 3D design. The creators behind this project is offer BackerCity members Extremely Early Bird offer (40% OFF). Make sure to get your reward before the campaign is over. 

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Ravi Boon
How do i get the discount? Schould i select the 2 dollar reward?