Mimeng: The Next Gen Smart Heated InSoles
Bluetooth Controlled Insoles | Fits Into Any Shoe | Charges Wirelessly

The winter season has arrived, it is time to get prepared for the cold weather. It is hard to keep your feet warm without need to wear winter boots. Winter boots lacks diversity in different situations, making them bulky, unfashionable and uncomfortable when worn inside. Mimeng is the next generation smart heated insole that will help your feet stay warm and comfortable during cold weathers. These heated insoles recharge wirelessly, and are controlled from your smartphone and keep your feet toasty all winter long. They are designed to fit into any shoe, just slide them into your ski boots, running shoes, skates, or work boots and turn them on to feel your feet warm up immediately.

Keep your shoes warm with the added benefit of comfort. 

Have the control you need when keeping your shoes warm and comfortable. Control the temperature wirelessly by using your phone. This will allow you to adjust the temperature of the insole depending on the situation. Shut off the heat and use it as a comfortable insole for your shoes when inside. They also give you manual control of how warm you want your feet to be or you can allow them to automatically control the heat based on the temperature of your feet.

Don’t worry about taking your insoles out and plugging them in to recharge every time after every use. Each MiMeng pair charges wirelessly and arrives with a charging pad in the box. Just take off your shoes and place them on your pad to charge. When you have to head out into the cold again, your insoles will be fully charged and ready to warm your feet. Make sure to collect your free customized package for Backercity members.

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