Boslla Bullet

Boslla - The World's First Four-Color Car LED Headlight Bulb
Boslla Bullet led headlight bulb works perfectly in sunny, snowy, rainy, foggy weather and even emergency situations

Conditions while driving can be unpredictable. Rather you are driving in a thunderstorm or a pitch black night, having visibility will keep you safe on the road. The Bollsa Bullet is the world's first four-color car LED headlight bulb that works perfectly in sunny, snowy, rainy, foggy weather and even emergency situations. This will ensure that you have full visibility of your surroundings while driving and makes sure that other drivers will be able to spot your vehicle. Have headlights that can adapt to various driving conditions and never have to worry about losing vision while operating a vehicle. 

Key features to keep you and others safe. 

We all want to drive safely at different weather conditions, but existing yellow color halogen bulbs only works well at rainy or foggy weather, it is not bright at sunny weather; White color hid or LED bulb only works well in sunny weather. Bollsa offers many key features to be a benefit for your vehicle and driving habits. Since it has four colors, it can easily adapt to different driving conditions to fit your needs. It is also: 

  • IP67 Rate Water-proof and Dust-proof
  • Mud-proof
  • Sandstorm-proof
  • Ice-proof
  • High-temperature Resistance 

Easy to install! 

Plug in and use. The Boslla Headlight Bulbs with a bullet-shape top and a tire-shape bottom and made them incredibly easy to install, only  takes 10 to 20 minutes depending on the vehicle and on how skilled you are as a light changer. Backercity members receive a 20% discount on any pledge!

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