ReLiVer Mark II

ReLiVer Mark II: Relieve Your Backpacking Weight Instantly
Easy install and works on any bags that utilize straps, effectively lightens up the load instantly

ReLiVer Mark II is the next innovation to enhance the functionality of backpacks. Designed to relief the weight of backpacks, ReLiVer can be easily installed onto any backpack straps to create balance. Having a heavy backpack can cause back pain and muscle strains. No matter the backpack, it can be uncomfortable to wear it for a long time. Using an anti-gravity strap system, it keeps a balanced weight disruption, while providing support to most backpacks with straps. This versatile system is specifically designed and engineered to work with your existing backpacks, shoulder bags, or any other bags that utilize straps so you don’t need to purchase yet another bag.

Designed to handle most situations.

Conventional pressure-reduction strap pads may look effective and comfortable but the truth is that they do little more than decorating. ReLiVer Mark II, has been specifically designed, tested, and engineered to deliver a seriously relieving and discomfort-free wearing experience that efficiently and significantly reduces the pressure on your shoulders. This will allow you to enjoy your activities without worrying about the weight that is on your shoulders. Since ReLiVer is versatile and adjustable, you change how you wear it depending on the situation. 

Easy to install and works on any bags that utilize straps, get instant relief and effectively lightens up the load of your backpack. BackerCity members will get Early Bird Price with Up to 52% Off Retail Price. Make sure to not miss the chance on enhancing the abilities of your backpack.

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