Pop Box

A pocket powerbank with all in one cable of Pop Box
The Perfect Integration Of Power & Design – A Smart spring cable with a compact chic look, with powerful fast charging portable battery

Pop Box is the next generation of power banks that offers portability and convenience. With traditional powerbanks, they are often large and requires additional cable management. Pop Box is an all in one powerbank that has a smart spring cable, allowing you to carry its compact size without the need of extra cables. Never worry again about carrying heavy large size power-banks and annoying cables every time you leave home. Pop Box has a powerful express emergent charging 2300mAh,5V, 2.4A power station that’s encased in stylishly, yet small minimalist companion case.

The Perfect Integration of Design and Power. 

The design of this powerbank is unique as everything you need is compacted into a small box. It will allow you to conveniently carry it with ease and charge any device anytime. The smart spring cable is also compacted to size and is able to be stretched to extend. The package will include three different smart adapters (Type-C, Micro, USB, Lightening) to allow variations of different devices. 

A Tough Case On The Outside And Smart Chips In The Inside.

The cable and the adapters are fitted with built-in smart chips to avoid an overcurrent ensuring your devices won’t overheat the when charging. What’s more, the lightweight yet tough carry case protects the adapters and cable from drops, bumps and dust. Pop Box is the ultimate portable charging solution. It works with ANY device as one stop charging solution. 

Pop Box is offering the unqiue color of Red for all BackerCity pledges. Enjoy a new definition of powerbanks. 

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