CHICSO:The Most Affordable & Portable Fingerprint Lock
0.2s Unlock Without Keys | IP65 Waterproof | Up TO 40 Fingerprints | Unbreakable Durability

CHICSO is here to revolutionize the function and utilities of traditional padlocks. The locking mechanism is operable without need of keys or combinations, making this lock function with a fingerprint scan. Eliminate the requirement for keys and never have to remember passwords. Chicso is the ultimate security solution to make luggage, outdoor, and gym theft a thing of the past, while providing portability and ease of access for multiple profiles. With the added function of IP65 waterproofing and up to 40 fingerprint profiles, this lock is a durable addition to protect your belongings. 

Keys are easy to lose. Passwords are easy to forget. Bluetooth locks are easy to hack.

Problems Solved:

No more worry about forgetting your password.
No need to carry keys or a mobile phone with you.
No need for multiple steps just to open the lock.
One touch is all you need to open your secure lock.


Chicso is superior to the simple match-and-unlock mechanism on ordinary locks, as access is only allowed through your unique fingerprint. Great for indoor or outdoor use, and CHICSO is widely used for luggage, golf bags, handbags, school lockers, gym lockers, furniture, wardrobes, bike and anything else that you need secured. 

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