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ReLiVer Mark II: Relieve Your Backpacking Weight Instantly
Easy install and works on any bags that utilize straps, effectively lightens up the load instantly

We all have experience discomfort from wearing backpacks due to the weight. ReLiVer Mark II has an Anti-Gravity Strap System that helps eliminate muscle strains, back pains and other symptoms of fatigue that are often associated with our everyday backpacking experience. These negative factors are harmful for our bodies and can cause long term damage. Conventional pressure-reduction strap pads may look effective and comfortable but the truth is that they do little more than decorating. ReLiVer Mark II, has been specifically designed, tested, and engineered to deliver a seriously relieving and discomfort-free wearing experience that efficiently and significantly reduces the pressure on your shoulders.

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Vansnoozer - a Hammock that fits in a Van, Estate Car or SUV
A utility hammock for use inside vans; be they sports, leisure or tradespeople's vans, minibuses and SUVs. (For tired drivers).

Vansnoozer is here to reinvent how we utilize vehicle space and help transform it for comfort. This hammock is designed to fit inside vans; be they sports, leisure or tradespeople's vans, minibuses and SUVs. Providing you with the perfect excuse to get some rest while on the road. Never be bothered by the discomfort of car seats that do not allow you to lay flat. This easy to use hammock is perfect for on the go rest that do not require additional tools or long set up times. Rather you are in the middle of a long car ride or downtime, stretching out in a comfortable hammock is a million times better than trying to sleep in the seat. Vansnoozers are utility hammocks, in tough synthetic canvas, easy to clean, strong and durable.  (They are not the kind you'll see on the beach in Barbados).  They roll up into a bag not much bigger than an umbrella for storage when not in use.

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A pocket powerbank with all in one cable of Pop Box
The Perfect Integration Of Power & Design – A Smart spring cable with a compact chic look, with powerful fast charging portable battery

Never worry again about carrying heavy large size power-banks and annoying cables every time you leave home. Pop Box is the ultimate portable charging solution. It works with ANY device as one stop charging solution. It’s a multi device, tangle free spring cable with three different smart adapters and a powerful express emergent charging 2300mAh,5V, 2.4A power station that’s encased in stylishly, yet small minimalist companion case.Pop Box is a perfect modern portable solution for keeping any device charged while on the go. Inside the box you’ll find the smart adapters (Type-C, Micro, USB, Lightening) to charge any type of device – and the best bit? It fits in your pocket.

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CHICSO:The Most Affordable & Portable Fingerprint Lock
0.2s Unlock Without Keys | IP65 Waterproof | Up TO 40 Fingerprints | Unbreakable Durability

The Chicso features an Advanced Fingerprint Sensor with a 0.2 sec unlock time along with an unbreakable design. Chicso provides fast and secure unlocking experience. With IP65 rated waterproof, 360° fingerprint recognition, ultra-long standby time and storage for 40 fingerprints, you need only one finger to keep your belongings safe. Say goodbye to your old bulky lock and step into the future. Chicso is so small that you can easily keep it in your pocket until you’re ready to keep your stuff protected. Chicso is superior to the simple match-and-unlock mechanism on ordinary locks, as access is only allowed through your unique fingerprint. Great for indoor or outdoor use, and CHICSO is widely used for luggage, golf bags, handbags, school lockers, gym lockers, furniture, wardrobes, bike and anything else that you need secured. 

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