Cotton Shower Pillow

Cotton Shower Pillow: Time For Quality Sleep
Multi-structure design, natural white clay properties, organic phytoncide oil scent and is washable.

Cotton Shower Pillow has a unique 4 in 1 multi-structure design along with organic properties that serves to provide you the optimal level of comfort and support. The front and back have distinct features that can help those who sleep in any position get the best sleep possible. Cotton Shower is made up of four separate inner pillows to create one uniform structure. The four inner pillows provide different types of support were designed to allow you to get the sleep you deserve. These separate structures minimize bunching of the pillows fillings after each wash.


Cotton Shower Pillow was developed after many trials and errors in order to improve the inconvenience of non-washable pillows We have studied various thickness and lengths of types of cotton to be optimized for washing, and tried various shapes and structures. As the development process continued, the developers became absorbed in finding a structural solution to correct incorrect sleeping posture. This is how Cotton Shower Pillow came to life. We will continue to research and develop better ideas so that the world can sleep better.

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