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Boslla - The World's First Four-Color Car LED Headlight Bulb

Boslla Bullet led headlight bulb works perfectly in sunny, snowy, rainy, foggy weather and even emergency situations

Enhance your vision while driving and keep the road safe. Boslla Bullet LED headlight bulbs are perfect in any weather or conditions, making sure you have perfect vision while driving. The added benefit of having a diverse headlight is also being seen. Do not let anything obstruct the vision of your vehicle and ensure safety on the road. Boslla headlight bulbs promises to work perfectly in sunny, snowy, rainy, foggy weather and in emergency situations. It offers different modes of light intensity and a trigger to let out a warning flash. The design and aim of these headlights is to reduce car accidents caused by harsh driving conditions, while generating awareness for the driver and other vehicles. 

If you cannot be bother to bring your car to the mechanic or know how to change your headlights. Boslla Bullet will offer instructions for installation which will take no longer than 10 minutes. This will save you a trip to the mechanic shop and allow you to perform a simple upgrade to your car. Since it is designed to fit any car available on the market, the installation process will be convenient for everyone. Create a safe environment for yourself and others while driving on the road. Boslla is offering BackerCity members a 20% discount on any pledge! 

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Superbly comfortable bamboo eco-underwear for men. 

bodytek vital is made with our amazingly soft signature bamboo fabric that is naturally sweat wicking and anti-bacterial

bodytek vital is a versatile underwear designed to stay comfortable in any situation. Rather you are relaxing at home or going to the gym, this underwear will maintain its performance of staying comfortable. Made from bamboo-flex fabrics, bodytek vital can keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Another good benefit of using this kind of fabric is how eco-friendly it is. There are no plastic or any other harmful materials that can negatively impact the environment and your body even the packaging and delivery method will be cardboard and paper. Make sure to stay comfortable where it is important while maintaining a healthy relationship with the environment. 

There are many key features of bodytek vital that are better than traditional cotton underwears. From the design process to the materials that are being used, these bamboo underwear is a perfect way to innovative how comfort should be. Every BackerCity member who pledges will receive double the reward (excludes "The ultimate underwear bundle"). Make sure to grab a pair or two and experience what real comfort feels like! 

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USAMS:4-in-1 iPhone Charger,Holder,Data Cable&Digital Stylus

The most versatile multi-functional cable for a more efficient use of your iPhone

Bring out more possibilities with your iPhone and make it more useful. The USAMS is a 4-in-1 attachment for your mobile device. USAMS is a handy device that can charge and hold your phone, while it can be also used as a data cable and digital stylus. Simply plug it into your iPhone and start enjoying this versatile tool to make your phone more functional. The size and flexibility of USAMS allows it to be conveniently carried or attached to your phone.

Do more with your phone and limit the number of gadgets you need to keep satisfied. With USAMS, you can expand how you use your phone. Prop up your phone while charging it or use it to create as a touch pen. BackerCity members are entitled to Super Early Bird pledges, which is 52% off retail price. Make sure to check them out before the campaign is over.  

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