The Best Way to Chill Your Drinks
The Best Way to Chill Your Drinks
These food-grade reusable stainless steel ice cubes will chill your drinks quickly while retaining its flavor. Please NOTE only FOUR CUBES will be sent as free samples for review
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I like these stainless steel ice cubes because they are Reusable and enable me to cool down my coffee or any other juice in the morning without diluting it. The main strength of these stainless steel ice cubes is that you can:

1. You can keep using them over and over again. And you don't have to hassle with having to refill your ice cube tray or deal with the questionable bacterial counts of your refrigerator's ice cube maker.

2. They work best in beverages that are already chilled or hot beverages that you are looking to just cool off to a drinkable temperature. However, they don't have the level of potency of real ice cubes when it comes to cooling room temperature Diet Coke and coffee at a picnic during the summer.

For what I use these for they are a perfect fit and easy. There are no metal taste at all

Last Edited: Aug. 27, 2019

This is a review of the steel ice cubes on Backercity 

Four steel ice cubes received, and tested for a few days, on different beverage.

The appearance of his cubes are good Quite beautiful. Grey. Brilliant. Sober but elegant. Four of them, in a plastic box.

Their weight is light.  Heavier than real ice cubes, but little. Same size tho.

These cubes work very well, better than real ice cubes. They leave the product fresh.

Tested in a glass of whiskey and a glass of water.  The effect is the same. No disturbing taste produced by the cubes.

They seem resistant.  When you shake the cubes, a liquid is inside, but there is obviously no risk of spilling it into your drink.

I recommend this product, but take more than four. Eight is not bad, two per person / drink.

In conclusion: Good product, resistant and pleasant to use.

Last Edited: Aug. 25, 2019

First of all, I thank BackerCity for the opportunity to get acquainted with one of the goods.
General impression.
1) Aesthetically very attractive product. Perhaps a golden color would be more suitable for whiskey. But for the revue got silver.
2) Face size 25 mm, weight 31 grams.
3) Absolutely smooth, safe. Inside there is a liquid substance, when freezing there is no feeling of transfusion
4) Left in a glass of water for the night. On the morning PH of water has not changed
In Action
For comparison with already available marble cubes. They have a face of 20 mm, a weight of 23 grams.
1) The cooling rate from the three metal cubes is much faster than from 7-8 marble.
2) Cooling duration (efficiency) is also much longer. A portion of whisky in 20 minutes remained absolutely cold, allowing you to enjoy your favourite drink until the last drop
3) Does not interfere with drinking
No negative properties found yet
Very good product.

Last Edited: Aug. 16, 2019