SLIPPY - A Coffee Sleeve That Works
SLIPPY - A Coffee Sleeve That Works
Turn 1 plastic bottle collected off the coast into a SLIPPY. A coffee sleeve that stays up and stops puddles on your iced drinks! When not using, put on your wrist, water bottle, pint glass, even a can, and show the world you care!
Creator: Zach Crain
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I am already a fan of Freaker Koozies (for bottles) and the new Slippies are a great addition to the range,

The Slippy is intended to replace the cardboard sleeve used on disposable coffee cups to keep your coffee hot and prevent you from burning your hands. It does a great job at this and and I like the fact it is reusable time and again as although cardboard can be recycled, it is still using valuable resources in doing so. The other brilliant thing is that each Slippy is made from a recycled plastic bottle that would otherwise have ended up polluting the ocean.

They are very versatile and can be used in various other ways, e.g. small beer bottles, cans, tumblers, etc as demonstrated in the photos I have taken. Then can be used to keep your drinks cool as well as hot too.

I love some of the zany designs Freaker have used for their Koozies and I hope they will be able to incorporate similar designs on their Slippies range.

The only downside for me is that when I have ordered from Freaker in the past I have had to pay import taxes and duty as I live in the UK.

Last Edited: Jan. 02, 2020

I really didn’t like the product at all. It seemed like a good product but it didn’t live up to the hype. The material feels weird and I just don’t like it. I hate the texture that I feel every time. It’s hard to get into cups and stuff I have. /Maybe they should use a different material because that’s the key issue. It is a good idea and I see why they created this but it’s not good at all. I would use just my hands than use this product. It also has a bad smell whereI couldn’t bare it anymore. The color looks terrible - very yellow in the photos on the product and on the placemat - the overall prooduct  is crooked blurry, and poor coloration.

Is it possible to order different styles  but have different pictures on each one? I collect these from everywhere I travel, and when I don't find one I like, I get one printed with my favorite pictures from the trip.

Last Edited: Nov. 27, 2019