SLIPPY - A Coffee Sleeve That Works
SLIPPY - A Coffee Sleeve That Works
Turn 1 plastic bottle collected off the coast into a SLIPPY. A coffee sleeve that stays up and stops puddles on your iced drinks! When not using, put on your wrist, water bottle, pint glass, even a can, and show the world you care!
Creator: Zach Crain
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I really didn’t like the product at all. It seemed like a good product but it didn’t live up to the hype. The material feels weird and I just don’t like it. I hate the texture that I feel every time. It’s hard to get into cups and stuff I have. /Maybe they should use a different material because that’s the key issue. It is a good idea and I see why they created this but it’s not good at all. I would use just my hands than use this product. It also has a bad smell whereI couldn’t bare it anymore. The color looks terrible - very yellow in the photos on the product and on the placemat - the overall prooduct  is crooked blurry, and poor coloration.

Is it possible to order different styles  but have different pictures on each one? I collect these from everywhere I travel, and when I don't find one I like, I get one printed with my favorite pictures from the trip.

Last Edited: Nov. 27, 2019