Safest HD Visual Digital Wireless Ear-pick Kit
Safest HD Visual Digital Wireless Ear-pick Kit
WiFi Connection|HD Camera|Ear Protector|Temperature Control|LED|22 Accessories|Simple App|Pets Use
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Just amazing! The product came in a very fancy package 

whit everything for the cleaning of the ears and also under the bebird and it's tools we have a full set of tools for the cleaning of the bebird itself.
Instructions are so basic, enough to understand how to connet to the smartphone, remember that you have to download also the app from the playstore(if you are using an android device).
Once you have connected the bebird install every kind of tool is supereasy to install, and you are ready to use it, the quality of the cam inside bebird is awesome and it really help to clean the ears, I'm not sure if is just an impression but it seems like it gets hot and maybe will help to melt the wax.

Also it may be helpful to have a close vison to something you want to inspect more, for example the texture of some clothes.
I really reccomend it! It's like having a professional medical tool in your hands.

Last Edited: Jul. 26, 2019

Hello! This is a review of the Bebird product!

It's a good product, very practical. On the other hand, you can only film in macro, with a fixed focal distance (no focus).


+ Package sober but complete

+ Good macro quality

+ Good image quality

+ Good video quality (be careful: no sound)


- We do not know how to use the tools with the camera, what is everyone for?

- Application is only one language (not English for example)

- The connection that jumps from the device (on Android 9)

- Notice only for the connection. Not for the application or on resolutions of connection problems.

With software update and stability, it could be fine.

Can be favor Bluetooth instead of wifi?

But the product is very nice, fun, as much to have fun to see elements in macro that for medicine (or its primary utility: see what we have in the ear)

I recommend!

Last Edited: Jul. 19, 2019

This visual ear camera is excellent. It is easy and simple to setup and use. The device itself is a very nice and durable sleek design. The camera video is very clear and high quality and the ear can be examined very well. The camera can be used to see the whole ear cannel all the way to the ear drum. There are lots off little tools included which can be easily attached to the camera. With these tools you can easily clean your ears and remove ear wax. There are also 4 handy little brushes included to clean the little tools. The best thing about this whole kit is that its very portable. The onboard battery has a big capacity and it doesn’t take long to charge. The app that accompanies this camera is also very useful as it tells you how much battery is left and how many minutes the device will last. Overall this is an excellent product.

Last Edited: Jul. 15, 2019