Silicone Food-grade Body Brush Shower Cleansing Scrubber
Silicone Food-grade Body Brush Shower Cleansing Scrubber
Pure Silicone Food-grade Body Brush Shower for American only. Freely purchase with a 99% off codes,or fully refunds via paypal . Review requested.
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I ordered the silicone brush, or as I call it, a "mitt" a few weeks ago, I received it about 2 weeks later, so it did take a bit of time to receive, but it was worth the wait to me. The mitt came packaged in nicely with no tears or rips. I wanted to use it out for awhile before I reviewed it to give the best review I could.  The mitt I received was blue (as seen in the photo) but the packaging itself showed a pink brush. I thought I would point that out to people, since sometimes they do care.  This may be critical to some people, but I do have smaller hands, so the mitt slips off my hand every so often. I'm not sure if this is because of my hand/how the mitt fits or because it's made of silicone. Either way, it's a nice thing to have during a shower, or even just using it to 'brush' your arms, etc. This is because people have a lot of dry skin and even more so during hot months, so it works great if you get itchy skin because of that.   

Using the mitt in the shower is a different story, as because it does tend to slip off, sometimes it is harder to use. The mitt itself bends and moves around as you use it. This could be because I use body wash and not soap, so it tends to get stuck a bit more on the actual mitt (unlike how it would if you swipe soap across it) since it's actual liquid. I do love that a little bit goes A LONG way though since it does stay on the mitt and soaks into the mitt, which makes it seem like you have a lot more product than you do. This is great and makes your body wash last much longer - great for those that want to save some money!  Also, because of the silicone, it cleans quickly and easily. That's a plus. 

I'm not sure if I would recommend this product, for showers, though. i do like it but the fact it may slip/slide off the user hand, may be a deal breaker for some people. I would recommend it for a skin brush, or mitt though if you have dry skin. You can't actually tell it's working but you can feel the difference.   The brush is shaped like your hand, as you can see in the photos. I've also shared photos of the packaging, wearing the brush and it laying flat. As you can tell in the photos (and by my mentioning it) it is a bit big on my fingers/hand. 

Last Edited: Aug. 26, 2019