Stick Anything Anywhere
Stick Anything Anywhere
Unique re-usable double sided nano suction pad that will stick anything to everything!
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Fixate gel pads includes one “boomerang” pad that is soft throughout and one straight, notched pad with either metal or plastic inserts inside each of its three sections.  Both started off shockingly sticky, and stuck to my not completely smooth cell phone case and a random (probably dirty) wall quite well.  I couldn’t pull the pad/phone combo straight off the wall, but a little twist and slight stretch of the pad released it easily.  While it was stuck on, it seemed quite secure, although I’m not sure I would leave it stuck without being close enough to grab it if it let loose.  I left a smaller, older iPhone stuck to the wall for almost an hour before it started to feel a little too loose for comfort.  After sticking and re-sticking, the pads definitely lost their grip.  As per the “directions” a good tap water rinse and air dry made them seem as good as new.  Over all, the product seems to do what it’s supposed to - stick one small thing to some other thing.  The real problem is that I’m trying to come up with a real usage model for these gel pads.  Am I going to carry this thing around with me all the time for that one time I need to stick it to something?  Probably not.  But if I do, will it be dirty and not sticky when that sudden need arises?  Probably.  I also couldn’t really figure out a format for the notched pad. It’s apparently supposed to be folded in to some sort of wedge, but neither small or large phones sat on it in any usable way as a desk stand.  Which brings me to the “directions” on the back of the package.  Although it gave me a chuckle reading the bad english translation, they could have used the space and the text printing to give at least a few helpful tips and tricks for using the pads most effectively, and maybe a picture of how they intend for you to use the notched three section pad.  So I guess this product works, and probably is right for someone, just really not me.  

Last Edited: Aug. 28, 2019