Special Reward For Our Members: ( How it Works )
Free Nylon Nato Strap for all BackerCity members. Please indicate BACKERCITY when pledging.
VELOCE - From the Italian Fast Lanes, an Inspired Timepiece
Italian-Designed Automatic Watch by Trifoglio Italia- a Creation on the Speedometer & Tachometer of the 50s Vecchia Fiat 500 & Ferrari.
Creator: Trifoglio Italia


Alex September 30, 2018
Hi Backers, there has been a mistake on the Special Reward of "62% off the first 100 pieces". This is ALREADY the reward on our Kickstarter campaign. We are amending this to "20mm Nylon Nato Strap for all BackerCity members". This is regardless of the Stretch Goal tier achieved. Members should indicate BACKERCITY when making their pledges. We have also informed BackerCity. Hoping they will amend the mistake soon. Our sincere apologies!
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